Revolutionising restaurant management: PVG launches Posy Resto

In April we launched Posy Resto — a powerful POS system that streamlines restaurant operations and enhances customers' dining experience.

Restaurant industry in Indonesia is facing significant challenges. Our survey put delayed orders, serving inaccuracies, and poor customer retention at the top of the list. 73% of customers experience order delays and 65% of customers are unlikely to return to a restaurant due to poor service. Due to these challenges, restaurants are losing Rp195 million in revenue per month.

Posy Resto aims to alleviate these challenges by allowing restaurants to serve their customers directly with web menus that are assembled automatically based on a built-in POS food management system. This tool offers several benefits, such as reducing wait times, increasing order accuracy, and improving customer satisfaction.

What makes Posy Resto so unique among its competitors is the focus on streamlining the ordering and payment processes. The system is user-friendly and does not require clients to download any additional software or applications. Additionally, the Digital Menu and QR Ordering System are essential components of Posy Resto, which provides attractive images of food, thereby increasing sales and helping with ordering faster and smoothly.

"Posy Resto is a game-changer for the Indonesian restaurant market since it offers a new perspective on ways restaurants communicate with their clients. In my opinion, Posy gives more control to the resto team than our competitors. Our end goal is to make a one-stop solution for F&B businesses to manage their back and customer facing ends in one app, while serving food with the best ordering, paying and tracking experience possible" — added CEO of PVG, Vlad Ayukaev.

Our mission is to contribute to the digitalization of UMKM and the entire Indonesian economy through innovative financial products. In addition to Posy Resto, we are developing the Klikoo bill payment app, which brings together more than 80,000 merchants and partners.

Posy Resto is just the beginning of the product's development, with plans to include further customization options, inventory tracking, and integration with additional payment and delivery methods. By helping restaurants streamline their operations and improve their customer experience, Posy Resto has the potential to contribute to the growth and development of the Indonesian restaurant industry.