PVG shares insights on overcoming cash flow challenges at EntrepreneurHub Session IV

Billy Setiawan, our Product Manager, took part in the recent HUB Jakarta Entrepreneur Implementation Session IV held at Mercu Buana University. The event, themed "Development of Entrepreneurship Ecosystems to Create Established Entrepreneurs, Innovative, and Sustainable Entrepreneurs" is part of a series of activities organized by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs in collaboration with various partners, including PVG.

The session brought together 100 curated MSMEs, along with students, lecturers, and industry professionals. Billy provided valuable insights for them into overcoming cash flow challenges in business, drawing from his knowledge and experience.

The event also featured engaging discussions with other industry experts, including Annas Ahmad, CEO of Herba Bagoes, Indra Budi Kurniawan, CEO of, and Riyo Hanggoro Prasetyo, a legal practitioner and academic. The discussions were followed by business mentoring and coaching sessions with private investors, Fundex, BTPN, and PVG, further enhancing the support provided to entrepreneurs in attendance.

The HUB Jakarta Entrepreneur Implementation Session IV serves as a platform for fostering entrepreneurship and creating a thriving ecosystem for sustainable and innovative businesses. Through such collaborative initiatives, industry leaders like Billy Setiawan are actively contributing to the growth and success of MSMEs in Indonesia.