Press Lunch - Posy Feature Updates

On 12 July 2022, PVG held a press-lunch with journalists from Bali-based media to publicize the feature updates of the online-cashier app Posy and the opportunities it presents in Bali.

Vlad Ayukaev, CEO of PVG, announced that Posy will have a number of updates that will allow merchants to track transactions over any period of time and keep count of loyal customers to give them promotions. The most anticipated update is the PPOB marketplace. All entrepreneurs who use the Posy online cash register will also be able to use the built-in PPOB terminal and offer their customers a payment service for various digital goods, such as Internet connection or mobile communications, as well as utility bills for electricity or water. These updates will allow owners to increase efficiency and transparency of their businesses and subsequently drive forward the digitization of MSMEs.

Vlad also noted that Posy has great prospects in Bali as the business opportunities and number of potential customers in this area is high. At the moment it is targeting 500 - 1000 users monthly, and this number is expected to grow.

With the new updates, and good prospects present in Bali, Posy is set to have an excellent future ahead.

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