Continuous development of PVG products - posy and klikoo

While digitalization significantly accelerates economic growth and the Indonesian digital economy alone will contribute an additional $150 billion GDP till 2025, 40% of Indonesian MSMEs still conduct business traditionally. Primarily, it's caused by a gap in digital skills, poor access to technology as well as to capital. 

To bridge that gap and boost digital adoption, PVG provides accessible technology — Posy and Klikoo. 

Posy is an online cashier that helps small and medium-sized businesses to improve their store operation by digital bookkeeping and accepting digital payments. Klikoo is a bill payment app that empowers micro-entrepreneurs with digital products.

Posy and Klikoo are constantly improving and becoming more useful for merchants, so that this month new features will be launched in services. A full review article about it is already available at KataData.